Hatreds Sickness

What if, one day, you woke up and you noticed a change. 

Your hair is no different,  your height is the same, but you feel it in a place deep down all the same. 

And walking with your friends,  it's different now, your best friend, she makes you blush somehow. 

It's something about how he blue eyes sparkle and her smile gives you chills. 

She makes you feel a way you know a man never will. 

When you look in her eyes, you know she feels it too, but someone in the background is watching you. 

Days turn to weeks,  and weeks to months, you feel your friendship changing,  evolving,  into a better one. 

But that lurking figure,  those disapproving eyes, they haunt you as you walk side by side. 

One day while walking home from what was considered your first date, a man stops you, his eyes full of hate. 

Your skin prickles, and a cold sweat starts as he begins to say how he will teach you to love a mans heart. 

You try to run, but he is faster, he catches you quickly and holds you captive. The last thing you see is his first coming at you. 

You wake up alone, wet, and in the middle of the park. 

You're unable to stand, your legs obviously broken. Blood drips from a wound on your cheek. Its sticky and warm. 

This is where she finds you. 

The scream, you will never forget her scream. It was the anguish of years of being locked away inside only to find that hope was never there. Your vision fades to blackness as her screams swirl with the whirling of the abulances. 

Six months later, your physical wounds have healed. But the wounds inside will never heal. You will never forget the night your carefree nature and innocence was ripped away from you. You will never forget the nightmares that will repeat for the rest of your life. And you will never forget her scream. 

Peel back the flesh and we are all the same. Weather we prefer one gender or another, it should never provoke such hate in other people. I want to see a world where people can choose to love who ever they want without fear of being judged or hurt from it. God made you the way you are, dont try to change for others. Stay strong and love fiercely. 


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