Take Me To Detroit City


The city is a misunderstood wonderland 
That only some can see 
Despite it all, it has been able to withstand 
It's bad rep from the crime-filled stories 

Detroit has given the country some of its best work 
We gave the people cars, rappers, rockstars, Motown 
Every city has its quirks 
Yet Detroit takes the crown 

The beauty in the buildings' decay 
The metallic shine of its urban gardens 
Don't listen to what the critics say 
The more hardships, the more Detroiters harden 

A beautiful Opera House 
A cultured Institute of Arts 
There's thriving Detroit pride throughout 
Of this Detroit culture I'm proud to be apart 

If I could make any change to Detroit 
I'd clean the streets, the buildings of this second home of mine 
I'd pick the wonders instead to exploit 
And rid of all the crime 

Despite the scares, the people's claims 
My heart's with Detroit city 
The Detroit citizens and workers have strong blood in their veins 
None of us need other states' pity


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