To Be a Better Person

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 01:02 -- Hoko83


Do onto others what would be you.

To change another would be to change oneself.

To change their actions,

their minds,

their personality,

the "being" in which they are.

To change one,

would change them all.

Much like this poem,

warping lines,

in much distorted lengths,

it might be messy,

but the changes make it unique,

pleasing, yet disturbing to the eyes.

It is much like the bittersweet taste I hope to be,

it is not worse,

for them it is better,

I would be a person

who made them happy,

my desires fufilled.

My only change,

my wish to have,

would be cursed, yet blessed,

onto myself.


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