The Way I'm Seen

The things I could change 

If I was given the chance

Is the way I'm looked at

In passing glance

My hair has seen the rainbow

My lips tasted coal

My closet ranging from student

To alternative model in mere moments

I grew up knowing not to judge

To treat others kindly

Treat them how I would want to be treated

Yet I turn around 

And see the looks I'm given 

For wearing all black with bright red hair

Black lipstick

And heavily lined eyes

If I could change the world

I would change how everyone is looked at

Everyone's different in their own way

Each person has their own personality

Sense of life and fashion

To look at another and sneer without giving them a change

Is like looking at a book without turning the page

And going through the chapters and reading the content

Give others a chance

Don't judge by a glance

This is how I'd change the world

If I was given the chance


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