Bottled Voices


I hope one day I’ll breathe in sweet relief

Because we women, after fighting tooth

And nail for equal rights, have won the war.

We women stand with men, no longer small,

No longer quiet. Strong with voices loud,

We’ll roar like lionesses, unafraid.

Champagne that’s shaken, bursting, gushing free.

Our words will carry over mountains, dense

But flowing, raving wind that’s uncontrolled.

We’ll raise our fists, we’ll scream success, not hate.

No hands will silence us. No man, no way.

But we’ll control this power, we will know

When storms must rage, when oceans must be still.

We’re more than rainbows, more than pretty things

To ogle. There is father time, but we

Are Mother Nature. We are forceful but

Serene. We want respect, but that’s so hard

When social standard doesn’t play our way.

I hope one day I’ll breathe in sweet relief.

Until then, fists rise, voices bottled shut. 


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