Turning the Tables


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Change, a small word that doesn`t come about easily.

 I want it, but how come it never comes to me?

Changing yourself is one thing, changing others around you is another.

 Changing a constant thought process, now that`s a blunder.

But it needs to start somewhere with someone.

Or else it ends up like an implied wish ready to be heard by no one.


In today`s world, society changes it`s meaning every three seconds.

They tell you to do this and that, go here and there, and wear this to make a great impression.

What if that changed? What if for once no one was judgmental?

People wouldn’t be scared to embrace the different, have confidence, and upgrade their self –esteem levels.

A world where difference was key and similarity was an oddity.

 Yet, for that to happen a strong change would need to be brought upon, something that would be a commodity.


I look around at our society and see, death, neglect, and eating disorders and ask why?

 It`s because society makes us despise ourselves so we struggle to stay alive.

Or barely live because we let them live through us as we become mere puppets.

 Always called the outsiders, do we cry inside or give up since we thought we could tough it … out.


I`d look at these images and want to make a positive statement.

To let the outsiders know it`s okay and to be strong with your body, show your true spirit fully naked.

A simple spark of inspiration is the destination.

To reinvent mankind from its primitive thinking to an intellectual manifestation.

So I must stand tall, shout out, and dare to be different.

To see a change to our society now.

Or monotonous repetition of sad news stories and wonder why and how?


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