Lines turned to Love


We see lines every day.

Children walking,

customers waiting,

cars driving,

my writing.


They keep us organized,

they frustrate us,

they get us to and from places,

they help us share.

and they’re always there.  


My lines are very different.

They sit and they stare and they’ve lost their purpose.

but they’re constant and stable;

they are always there.


People look, people see,

then they point them out to me.

They lie pretty even, and they rest in rows.

They’ve served their purpose, but don’t know how not to last.

I’ll have them forever, but it’s not such a blast.


My lines are normal, not for all but for me.

my own version of the *cars* that we always see.

Some people don’t know and when they find out

they turn to monkeys and want to know more.


“They’re nothing” that’s all I say.

A glance at their eyes then they understand.

It changes though,


They’ll ask another word.

They say one single word which changes their whole view.


“Why?” the magic word that causes the truth to fall out.

“I don’t always know.

Because I was lost.

I didn’t really know what I needed to know.”


Each person is loved,

that’s ALWAYS the case,

you don’t always see it,

or hear it,

or feel it,

or know.

But I want you to learn that it’s always been there.


You can’t lose it or throw it away,

it’s not your choice, it’s going to stay.

You are always loved, and I want everyone to know.
You all need to see


this is how it needs to be.


If so many of us had known,

if we had learned,

then our thoughts would be less likely to be carved into lines.


The lines that are familiar to us and not to you.

the lines that sit and stay for there lives.

But there’s things that we know we can do.


You’re loved, and we care, so know this right now.

Make a change in your thoughts and don’t wait for a scare.  



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