Mon, 03/10/2014 - 20:32 -- Kshee96

Vision has been a treasure to me

Ever since I was young

But then, three years ago,

A new song was sung

I was only seventeen

when my vision began to go

I thought it was nothing at first

but that wasn't so

The doctor said I had three years

To see the sights of the land

And after those three years were up

I would be seeing by my hands

The news hit me like a wall

I could not say a word

My mind reeled in a thousand ways

and not a sound was heard

"Why me" was all I could ask

the invisible force that stole my sight

and hope and pray to that same force

that the doctor wasn't right

I was in a slump for a week or two

thinking of all the sights I would miss

And then my rapture occurred to  me

was this how I really wanted to end this

So instead of laying there in self pity

I grabbed my keys and hit the road

I was determined to see all I could

before the bell was tolled

I saw the mighty Colorado

and hiked all the trials

I saw the oceans from underwater

and above with the aid of sails

I learned to read Braille

And how to live in the dark

I learned the feeling of the meadow dew

and the roughness of oak bark

As the years went by my eyes fell dim

my vision began to fail

And then one day when I opened my eyes

It was no avail

For I sighed a sigh of relief that day

my prayers had been strong

although my vision had left forever

that doctor was very wrong

I see the world more clear than before

without using my eyes

three years ago this would have been a curse

but now I see it was a blessing in disguise

Have you ever heard how beautiful

a rainstorm sounds from inside

or felt with great clarity

the salty spray when the seas are high

I would have never wished this one anyone

but now I give you just one task

Just humor me one time

and do as I ask

Close your eyes for a moment

and hear the sounds around

Try to pick out unique ones

and every single sound

Now run your hands across your lap

And feel every single string

Then run your hands across the wall

And feel the bumps, dips, and everything

Now open up your eyes

and look at the things you touched

Try to see the detail

That only your hands could trust

Three years ago

I thought I would never cope

But standing here today

I have a new sense of hope

I don't care about fashion

or the way someone looks

I care about personality

and what is said in the good book

Now I wish the world

could see what I can see

A black plain to some

A bright new future to me

I always considered myself lucky

To an above average degree

For I could finally view the world in its wonder

even though I can't see.


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