A Rainy Day

If I could change one thing it’d be the meaning of a rainy day.

I’d make so that the children all can laugh and play.

Rain isn’t to mean, gloom, drab, sadness, or fear.

Rain comes to wash away every broken hearted tear.

Rain is beauty it brings color and life

Rainbows sparkle and fantasy grows.

Grass shoots up between a barefooted child’s toes.

Rain can be sleet, hail, or snow

It can be soft and peaceful, or the wind my howl and blow.

Rain makes music, drip, drop, drip,

It can dance and splash on the sidewalk like a ballerina dancing to her own beat.

Rain can be aggressive and pound like a runners feet.

It comes and goes as it pleases and never stays exactly the same.

Rain is rather curious and odd.

A mystery left to solve.

Rain should mean to us what a child knows it means,

Muddy puddles to jump in,

Beading of dew on the grass,

Shaking a tree to make your own shower,

Going out to pick a fresh grown flower,

It means watching as the creatures scramble,

Listening to the thunder crack,

Watching the lightning whip,

And coming up with reasons why the sky is acting in such away.

A rainy day is wonder ,



Breaking apart and heading to a shining ray

I would change the meaning of a rainy day.


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