A Change of Heart


Ask me, "What will you change?"

The answer: Their hearts

For with its beat

is where it all starts-

The visual of the world

and all it's parts


Question, "What will you show them?"

I will show them heaven

Paint brush in hand

So that when they see the contrast on earth

They will understand

that staying still-

is not the only stance

That the faint at heart 


...not timing a pirouetted dance


Just the golden mile up to freelance-

the colors that will unveil emotions to feel

the thoughts that emerge, 

"If I can feel this-"

"It must be real!"


Traveling to their hearts will be quite the ordeal.

"Draw lines..." "For them to trace..."

"As to find themselves somehow."

"As though it were the lines-"

"On a strange but, familiar face".

Drawing lines that parallel 

A vague yet, known place.


"How will we get there?"

We will walk the artful walk

Only to stumble across the idea of a heart

Perhaps, the he in heart is a we

Heart actually: 

it is my name who is me

One who gave answers to no questions

And conjured them up so subtlety.


Questions take time-

So, here's some to feel free...

At that moment- 

when their hearts are filled with glee-

They leave.


They will act with empathy-

they will have eternalized

an everlasting entity-

One main identity-

One rhythmic energy

One that does not use enmity


I will show them earth

stroke by stroke

How it can be-

is what I will invoke 


To each heart: "Make know the unknown"

Noble one:

"Take a seat on your thrown"

Look around you-

"You are not alone"

We are in one world-

"It is our home"

Our lives-

"It is a loan"


...by a massive yet, personal undertone-


I will change their hearts

by illustartions of modulations

This understanding is where it starts

The beating of each individual-

some determination

and all its collective parts.








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