To change the World would be a drastic thing

Who would be born?

Who wouldn't be?

Would I be here 

Or would you

If the ancient past never came true?



Some see the world tainted and plagued

A soulless abyss of never ending falls.

Each of us grafted to the walls

Waiting our turn to dive down the well

To search for water

To escape the Hell


Many jump blindly

Without a friend

Not seeing the light

At the "endless tunnel's" end.


But we fell together,

Me and my Ben,

Holding a hand.


Bumping the walls.

Hitting our heads.


Like Humpty we went,

Without control,

But fast and farther

So long we forgot to fall


We learned to fly

And lost direction of down.

Forsaking North and South alltogether

We reached up

To touch the bottom of the well.


We won, We won

For the light drew near,

But Ben's blind eye couldn't see

The door's sinsle frame for either he or me.



To change the World

Such a drastic thing.

I simply need to change the shape

Of my door of opportunity.


They say life goes on,

But life is ending.

And I realize now

My time to choose is waning.


So I chose to change the World

My descendants gone, 

Ben's now living.


I took the door,

And let he be free

So Ben might see 

A little more light 

A little less








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