How to Live

Who am I to say what matters and what doesn't?
Am I not someone?

I've always been told
that I am too young or too old
to think or to know,
and I've got nothing to show.

When will this change?

Well, here I am to tell you,
I know for a fact
that you are not as innocent in the things you do
as those the youngest in age.

And I would be willing to bet,
though I cannot prove it yet,
that you would learn more
from a child the age of four,
than from a man of great wealth and success.

Dwell not on the obvious obstacles,
for they are far ahead.
Live and love in the moment
before the moment's dead.

Take the time to watch the grass grow,
or to stop and smell a rose.
Just take a second to watch the clouds,
because honestly, you never know;
there could be a Dragon up there;
green with a purple nose.

In the end, it will not matter
how far you climbed on the economical ladder.
Let the footprints that you leave behind
always be soft and kind.

Be the symbol of peace in a world that doesn't have any.
Remember that a small smile can change the lives of many.

I may be too young or too old,
but I am certain of what I have said.
Just remember what you've been told,
and you'll be remembered long after you're dead.


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