What Would You Change


        Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you were suppose to be? People often think that you must have a specific skill set, look a certain way, or have a certain amount of money to be an acceptable human being. We are being pushed from the time we are in preschool to be who the world expects us to be. We learn through experience that if you would like to be accepted by everyone else, you must become like everyone else.

        Imagine a world where indivuality was not only accepted, but expected. No one pushed you to walk down the crowded mainstream avenue or told you that you were just too different. Imagine a world where different became normal. 

        Look into any high school, middle school, or college and you will find they are all devided into cliques. The jocks and cheerleaders sit at one table. The smart students sit at another. The theatre kids sit at another. Each table is judging the tables to the left and right. We hardly ever see these groups combined and seldom do we see them emphasizing each other's strong points.

        We all stick to what we are taught and what we know. We stay at our lunch table. We never truly learn who we are. America is struggling with a loss in identification. Copies crowd the hall and judge any person who dares to stand out. 

        If I could change one thing, I would make pride in individuality a popular trend among youth. This world would be even more amazing if we could all contribute our individual gifts instead of remaking ideas of those who came before us. You were born unique, so don't die a copy.




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