Changing the Unspoken

Tue, 03/25/2014 - 19:12 -- gmanci

Wishes are fragile

As is the course of fate itself

So I would like to wish

For only the smallest of wishes

I would change today’s society

By bringing back literature

So everyone would read again

Just imagine

If every child

Could read a book

Get lost in an adventure

Become something they are not

For just a moment each day

 Disconnecting from the power source

It activates something much more

Imagination and adventure

Packed into paper and ink

With these children

These new voracious readers

Parents could follow suit

And pick up their favorite novel

And find themselves absolutely lost

In a world unlike their own

Where for once

They are not faced with reality

But with possibilities

The world would be same

But so different

Because everyone would find joy

In the realm of imagination

I don’t know if it’ll solve every problem

But for every human to read

Even for minutes a day

And lose touch with life

As they dive into the sea of fiction

That would bring moments of peace

And every country would finally be

Connected by the unspoken word


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