Ignorance, the Bliss of the Blind

Sat, 03/15/2014 - 21:24 -- leanacu

ignorance permeates the intelligent skin of the masses on this globe

a trait that leaves us to continue a blind path, one which there are two roads.


afraid to step out of this box, this blanket of conformity, because we feel safe having strange thoughts of rebellion...shut them down, it is too late.


those who live like kings, living with just enough, life without luxurious material,

look to the right and see a life uncomparable.


assortments of hardships bottled up for your purchase,

like perfumes made to mask the scent of a natural body orifice.


currency here, equivalent to three souls there,

the normal struggle, but you would at least expect a tear.


it comes sliding down the face, of a child with invisible chains.

sent away, why, for money or for the sake of shame.


pacing slowly, breathing fast, he tries to neglect the hope he once had in the past.

it inflames his determination, the great escape...his preservation.


ignorance should be your incentive to learn, further that learning to listening,

that listening to questioning, questioning that becomes deafening.


ignorance is present in every second,

it will not stop until knowledge threatens,

enticing the enemies to lower their weapons

resuming the possibility of one day, total acceptance.



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