A Poisoned Society

Wed, 04/09/2014 - 18:57 -- shursey

Twitter, phones, and facebook

simply kill social skills

And nothing is more unhealthy

than the growing dependency on pills


Medication is meant

to improve people's health

When in reality,

it only boosts a company’s wealth


Depression increasingly

poisons the head

And tell me,

why can the gay still not wed?


Bombs are plenty

Food is short

There are increasing types

of drugs to snort


Oil spills have produced

anger and fights

Yet the only worry about the ocean

is getting shark bites


Our forests are vanishing,

our animals are too

But the magazines are filled

with Michael Kohrs and Jimmy Choo


We pay no attention

We simply don’t care

Those who want change

are much, much too rare


Need to talk?

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