it's that time again, to go back to the building where we sit for a nine month period where we are silenced. Time to walk the halls and see that nothing has changed much in the building, not even that piece of chewing gum from last school year and hear the same outburst of "I've missed you!!" and "Can you believe we are seniors?".  as i am walking, i see the same vindictive girls staring at me and mumbling about me, the same insecure and average boys that allow their title and name block them from being an honest and true man, and the teachers that already know who they want in their class and who they don't. as you walk into the classroom, you see pictures, flyers, banners and other craft like items hanging around the room to give it that "WELCOME" feel, but when i walk in, i see four blank walls that allow the truth to be known. then the rest of my classmates walk in and i watch the teachers reaction to each one that enters the room. she smiles at the children that are the school's brightest and best crop, grins at those who have strived in changing their appearance and mind set to becoming better and then the ones that are troublesome, hoodlums, unexceptional, and THE UNTEACHABLE children, that is when they take a deep sigh and mutter into the classroom. no one is perfect and if you think you are, then your a hopeless and unrealistic child that has not had a mouthful of reality and its harshness and brutalness. in schools now, the mission set in stone is, "Inspire students to be the light of future leaders and lead them to the right path." which sounds wonderful and courageous, right? even though that is the mission set in stone and on paper, to some teachers and administration, the mission is, " I am going to get paid and have the time of my life with this district until I can't take anymore. I will not take my responsibilites seriously because I already know who is going to try and who are just like me, JUST HERE!". yes, it is hard to believe but that is the actual mindset our leaders that some people trust. 

well as a student myself, i have this to say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. don't show favoritism to the golden child of the class when you don't understand the situations that the troublesome child may be experiencing. stop being messy, horrid, uncaring ding bats and actually get off your lazy butts and do your job. i am tired of looking at teachers five days a week for eight hours knowing their hidden agenda, just to get a paycheck, but leaving the students high and dry. but now that the state is half an inch behind you ready, to slip the chair from under you and hand you THAT pink slip all of sudden you care about us. well you can hang all that crap up and actually leave on your own, because no one respects you. you don't want your child to be treated as just a statistic (ignored, lied to, manipulated, uneducated in the classroom) or labeledin a derogatory way (useless, pathetic, untolerable, a waste of human life, rude, disrespectful) would you? then stop treating us like we are.

do you honestly know the real reason why students lash out in school? they receive no love or motivation in their life. not by family, friends, or even school, the one place where it is the job and main goal in preparing students for the real world. when you speak to a child as if they were nothing but a stick, handle them roughly as if they were some stray dog, and dismiss their opinions and thoughts, you have murdered a spirit and future of greatness and arose a hellish and deceitful youth.I WANT ALL OF YOU THAT TREAT ANYONE LIKE THIS, TO GET YOUR BELONGINGS AND QUIT YOUR JOB BECAUSE I AM WOMAN ENOUGH TO TELL YOU, "YOU ARE A PATHETIC EXCUSE OF LIFE THAT SHOULDN'T EVEN BE ABLE TO TEACH REGARDLESS OF HOW MANY AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONI YOU HAVE RECEIVED THROUGHOUT YOUR CAREER!". 


                                  ​            answer and be honest


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