Because I am ME.

It rains every day in London

And even the Hollywood stardom swim

Swim transatlantic the teary, salty body of water

Where coraled bruises decorate their body

From all the waves that have crashed down on them

Because even the famous get called “piggy” for eating cookies

And we are no rookies

In your little game of chutes and ladders

Where you keep pushing us down the playground slides

And we strive to hide, but you


You seek us out every time

We are runnin’ outta of fingers to count the times you’ve made us cry


Sailing for years now

Now is the time

Time where you should stop


 It’s too soon you say

It’s most fun to go fast on the highway

All I see are pirate ships, stocked, rotten, fool’s gold

But I have not seen a friend ship in ages greater than the old

All faith blown out

All hope wringed dry like a Saharan desert drought

All love worn out like a rag doll


You know what?

It’s not my fault these scars aren’t beautiful or that my parents watch from the stars

It’s not my fault my birthmark is here or I cannot hear

It’s not my fault my name is cuckoo or that my game is not on your basketball court

Because I am too short, too ugly, to weird, too emo, too nerdy,

Because I am ME.

You have got a crown of thorns on me already

I am about ready to collapse

But you Pilate still insist on my crucifixion

So many things to do, and you choose this mission?


You know what?

You are not that bad

Except for the fact that if there was one thing I would change

It would not be you,

But only you and your ways

You are funny into thinking this whole thing was funny but,

You know what?

Just stop. Leave us alone. Please.


If I could change one thing I would change the way people treated one another.

Because I am Me,

And You are YOU.

So why can’t we be friends?

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