Once for a change

Fri, 04/04/2014 - 14:11 -- Namrata


How long could she bear this society? 
How long could she stay strong?
How long was she going to hold up her tears? 
How long could she stand against wrong? 

..She woke up every morning
with a fear eating her mind
reminding her of 
how her beauty isn't a blessing 
but a curse and a sign 

A sign that she could be the next,
next victim 
of the men with so called

He held her in his arms, 
a night,
she wasn't the first of his 
so he was all strong and tight  
You could hear her whine 
and her scream 
You could stop it
and make it all right
but you chose to walk away,
away from the crime 
but dear human, you have actually walked away from humankind

And when the next morning 
you switched on the television,
before leaving your daughter to school,
you realize that the girl you could save last night
was no more 

And now you don't have to regret 
because you are a monster and 
I hope that the way you did not save someone else's daughter
someone else saves yours

If I could change anything in this world,
it would be nothing 
but the perspective of each person 
towards the women
Once for a change, let's respect and protect her 

Why? because 
She is the one who runs your house
She is the one who calls you daddy
She is the one who completes your family
She is the one who gave you life.


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