No test score ? No diploma?

Something that really bothers me that I wish I could change , is how the Florida Department of Education requires you to have a certain reading test score at the end of the year to get a diploma. Being in school for twelve years then having to make a certain score on a test to get a dipolma is ridiculous! I don't think it's fair to the students that have good grades all four years that aren't good at test taking to be scrutinized as if we did not work hard enough for twelve years. I'm not saying I would make things a walk in the park for everyone to receive a diploma, but the students that have put in the blood, sweat , and tears to achieve academic success shouldn't be in vain or unaccounted for. I feel as if the long hours of late night studying ,paying for and attending test prep classes, and the stress of being the best student I can be,is completly overlooked and is an absolute added stress to our senior year. If they are going to require a certain reading test score for graduation, they should require that to be completed by 9th grade. That will ensure that both the students and teachers have done their work. The teachers should be required to inform students of anything that they will need for graduation, well before the last semester of senior year.

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