Change the Way You See

Your parents have told you, since you were born,

Of the scary man offering sweets. "Stay away," they would warn.

And sure, they were right! To give you the advice

But... did they remember to tell you there is nice...

Outside in the world is beauty and love

Such things go unseen and we may shove


Away poistivity. Hey, wait!

Why don't we change this form of hate.


Keep common sense, yes no doubt

But where is our faith, our hope... we need more of that about

Open your eyes,

Don't use them as spies.

Trip out of trepidation 

And into joy for this petition.


Don't look at the man living on the street

As freaky or creepy as he picks at his feet.

No, look a little closer, he is a piece of art-

A true beauty, made by God, and he has a heart.

Don't judge by color, shape, or size

Open your mind, start to be wise.


People are people, and deserve to be viewed too

With the same gentle soul you want viewing you

Let go, get rid!

of the fear, judgments, and negativity amid

They are not healthy, nor strong, nor cool

They just hold you back and make you a fool.


So I say again, we must change this

In order to make life surrounded in bliss

Your parents have told you, since you were born, of the beauty that lays 

Inside and outside of you each day.

So let's change our hearts, minds, and eyes

To realize


That beauty does lie among all of us!



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