From nine to five, nobody is home

Working all day they're still not done

Kids go to school so parents can labor

Turning their lives into days they won't savor

At school they tell them of all the important things 

Forgetting that a child has the power to dream

Mommy and daddy are not willing to play

This is the same human that was made out of clay?

Clay needs not money, money could not bring it joy

But we are superbly evolved and need it to buy ourselves fancy new toys


The baby and dog roll together in the mud

Screaming a laugh and a howl oh what fun

But dirt is dirty wipe it up get the mop

Heaven forbid this place looks like a slop


Go ahead,  buy yourself a hammock

Go on,  buy yourself a vacation home

Please tell me if it keeps you from feeling alone.

I think happiness is different, something you don't need to buy

More often than not isn't it money that makes people cry

If you think I am wrong answer me this...

Since All Toddlers are poppers, no money ,no work, all they do is play,

why haven't I seen as brilliant a smile, on a billionaires face?


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