Who I am....

I can't just sit around and wacth these little kids destroy their lives,

Skipping class, starting trouble, doing everything except stimulating their minds,

At my age, what I know now, wish I could just press rewind,

Bring those old days back,

Getting up ready for school, figuring out which snapback would match,

Without a care for the world,

Just going out, chillaxin, doing my thing, then get into this world,

Which brings nothing but pain, lies, and misery,

Couldn't even hold the door for me, what you never heard of chivalry?

Now I'm cursing him out, thinking of doing some major dirt,

Wish it could have worked out differently, but that day I was really hurt,

He couldn't see what I had went threw that morning,

Felt like killing myself, so instead I took it out on him, 

Words that he did not need to hear, nor de he deserve,

But my reputation was at stake, something I had to preserve, 

As I look back at how uncontrollable I used to be,

I thank God that He was always protecting over me,

It could have gotten real ugly out there the way I was living,

Going whereever the wind blew me, making careless decisions,

I'm not saying that we need to be teaching about religion, 

No, the kids need more than that, 

they need to see what is being taught being living,

I'm done with having boyfriends or whatever else comes with it, I'm over the trippy life,

I'm focusing on my career and eventually becoming a wife, that sounds nice,

God gave me a vision to start a Program for kids to be free,

But if I keep slipping up, who are they going look up to, hopefully not me,

Well that's just accountability on my end because after all I may be the only 'Jesus' they see..... 


Just Pray for me 




that was good !

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