The Fire We Lost


They look this way

I shudder in the cold

Talons through ice

Tearing and crawling

Beneath, all bleed


This dress, those laces

His beard,

Her beard…

Moving masses of eyes

Wielding icepicks

Drenched, glittering tears


It’s all one big competition,

The reluctance of the players,


Fight to the death,

Or alone, in the shade


Gasping for fire

Drawing the scars

Counting the names

Pinching the flaws

Grappling for stars


This purgatory before life,

Where players get played,

Fighters are beaten, too aggressive.

Beauties, mutilated by invisible knives,

Ice cold, the cuts deep, un-healing blood,

Not “strong” enough.


The future of the world

It lays bleeding, whimpering.

Wings can be unfurled,

A hymn for flame

Through waves of grain, singing


Empower, it’s a word

To live, an act

One takes time, strength.

Embers without time, makes only coal

Left for others to burn


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