Don't Strife Change a Life

As the flag soars high I begin to cry

Just another day has gone by

But why should another die

All these thoughts ache in my head

All I want to do is lie down in bed

There is a wide range for us to change

Why stay the same

Why kill someone when you know no more than their name

Is it for fame

Or just part of a game

All of it is insane

The people around me bussle by

While my heart begins to cry

Where's the compassion and the love

All there is left is to pray to the stars above

I want to open their eyes to what I see

To what the world could truly be

If we all loved one another

If we all helped a brother

If we all would help each other

A perfect world is ideal to me

However that is less than likely

A man sits on a stoop with what resembles soup

A woman cries as her baby dies

A child pleas for attention

But I forgot to mention

Without love their is no hope

We all might as well sit around and mope

So my challenge for you is to love your neighbor through and through

Be there to love them and they'll love you

Be couragous

Love is contagious


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