Power of Judgment

Sun, 02/16/2014 - 18:17 -- cgm9878

If I had the ability to get rid of one thing

It would be the judgment we fling

At one another on any given day.

Because we feel that it is the way

To popularity; being “cool.”

It actually makes us look like fools.

Oh, why does he have long hair?

Maybe it’s because he just doesn’t care

What others think about the way he appears

Or just doesn’t mind what he hears.

Eyes like lasers and minds like knifes,

We singe the skin and impair the lives

Of those who wrong no one

And are all but just done.

Why should it matter?

Can’t we just flatter?

Our job is not to critique

The reasons we’re all unique.

 Though, I can’t say I’m not like the others,

I’m standing here judging all the judgers.


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