The SON, Stars and the Moon


All of you,

tell me how you demand to have respect given to you

by the man whos color is lighter in hue

if you cannot respect you

whos color is the darkest of blue?



Like the night sky.

You're ashamed my child?

Then you forget the stars.

Do the stars have shame,

that they shine so bright?

In the midst of the darkest of darkest of nights?

How have you,

who owns color that is the darkest of the darkest hue forgotten?



The segregation.

To speak the word is a sin.

Yet you inflict it on your closest of kin .

You seperate yourselves into light blue, dark blue, and teal.

You steal

the degrading words of the lighter hue

When he sees you all as

collectively blue.



Look inside your hearts little stars.

The power in your celestial flames

erupts not only from the stigmas, stereotypes and blame,

but also from love.

You are powerful stars.

Lit from the SON above.


For you,

Who posses the lightest of the lightest hue,

do not forget the spectrum has other colors too.

There is no better,

and no worse one.

All formed, shaped and illuminated

from the SON.



For you,

are the Moon.


you are certainly bright,

but do not assume that you illuminate the night!

For the SON any only the SON

gives you your light.



Do the stars seperate themselves from each others light?

Do the stars have shame that they are so

----- so bright that not even the moon cannot extinguish their light?

Do not the stars

and the moon

come together?

Even in the stormiest of weather,

they unite.

To form an even brighter

inextinguishable light.

What is Black?

What is White?


The moon respects the stars

and the stars love the moon.

They are the same.

We are the same.

Black or


All just bretherin that light up the night.

Celestial bodies that erupt from gases

whether they are rock as the moon or stars aflame.

We all come from one in the same.

The SON.


There is no Black,

no White,

no color,

as long as we love one another,

as we are loved by

The SON.



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