The Weather Report

When I am with her the world misses a few revolutions.
It's cliche and overplayed, but my heart flutters
and the butterflies in my stomach pound...
...maybe i screwed that one up again.
You'll have to forgive me;
when I think about her my brain feels a little fuzzy.
God, she is beautiful.
What I feel for her is beautiful.
I never thought I would find someone who
helps me be the best version of myself.
Someone who helps me pick up my 
shattered pieces and
stands guard as I put myself back together.
Not someone who feels pity for me,
or thinks they can 'fix' me,
but someone who understands.
Someone who makes me feel safe,
after He ripped through my temple and
gutted out all of my treasure,
before setting fire to the building with
my childhood innocence 
still locked inside.
Any victim will tell you,
you don't even hope for that.
'Safe' is an unattainable pipedream you 
can't waste disappointment on.
But she makes me forget how it feels to be afraid.
She distracts me with the
mischievous twinkle in her eyes and
her sharp, witty tongue and
the soft curve of her smile
when she looks up and notices I've been staring.
Gentle hands that don't make me jump.
Soothing murmurs against my skin
when I wake up from memories I'd like to forget.
An angel like that,
someone God put on this earth to love me
and have me love in return
should not be met with hatred and violence.
Should not be the target of angry epithets:
How could someone who loves so deeply be an abomination?
I wish I could sheild her from the bigotry.
I'd like to wrap her up in the sky and
bathe her skin in starlight;
fill her with the power of the galaxies and
the aura of the cosmos.
She is a force to be reckoned with,
She is woman. 
That is power.
The fact that I am woman too does not negate that.
I wish I could just let them see how amazing she is.
Prove to the world just how beautiful our love is.
She is a shelter in my everlasting storm,
protecting me from a vicious world,
and I wish I could change the weather.


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