Imagine Planet


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United States
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Wouldn't be nice to have a world like we've all imagined?
Not a candy land,but an environment so welcoming and inviting
that every place you went felt like home.
I would change the world.
The whole world.
I would change the way we eat,sleep,talk, and even think.
The negative motives would be extinct from these actions
and only positivity can occur.
I would change our government.
The way they rather spend money on war and hate
instead of feeding the homeless or sending a poor mothers' son or daughter out of state.
I would change money.
It would  disappear.
It does nothing but cost us stress and dis pare.
Lastly, I would change the way we love.
To always have open arms to those in need.
A heart that not only bleeds but feels with passion and emotion
A world where there was nothing to fear.
No shame.
No judgement.
No worries..
A world that we all imagined.


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