Creatures of Change

It seems distasteful to choose creatures of this world over


So much to change between

War and peace that we often overlook

Such a problem as ongoing as gun fights.

The animals don’t have a voice.

As much as a screech or roar, the shadows lurking

In the forests are just shadows.

The beasts that we see all around

Are nothing more then dangerous beasts.



three species vanish before our eyes

As we blink twice and move on.

I want to be that change.

The one to help the injured without a say,

Because they feel just as much as we do.

The one to understand the pain in their eyes,

Because their home is destroyed like ours

In strong winds.

The one to care just as much as a mother for her child,

Because we cannot survive without them.

The one to say,

They live here too.


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