Mon, 03/31/2014 - 21:53 -- hm7809



To all the girls and boys who made it to see another day even though there are some who struggle to go the right way


To all my associates who get to walk across the stage in 48 days

48 days until our lives change and we forget the pain but somehow still stay sane


To all my friends who found money for school and walk around with their egos pushed out and now somehow become cool but I still look and ponder and become the fool

But now I give a toast to all the men and women who thought education was important.

I mean its cool that we have to pay money for school and spend 4 years playing and partying while some actually study with their buddies because they can see their futures ahead but im still the girl who is 3 steps behind

So cheers to the girl who couldn't make up her mind.

She wants to play the blame game because for 4 years she didnt  think about her future and what was ahead because instead she laid in her bed and ignored everything her parents said.

Just like these glasses that we push together to make a beautiful sound there are those who just want money by the pound because even when all the applauses end and all the tears stop...time moves on.

College doors begin to close and races begin

Now you stand on the outside looking in

wondering why you didn't put those glasses down

Maybe you should've picked a different town and a better time to frown and instead of looking down look up for something to change. 


Cheers to those who take their time and value it all and help those who just decide to have a ball and even pick the ones up who still fall.

Now I ask myself what I would change

I would change time and actually be serious about the things I can rearrange

Repeat the past and make my wrongs right instead of giving up and losing the fight

So in 48 days instead of crying about how I wasted my time and never looked for money for school I can smile hold up my glass

and say cheers because now I'm cool.


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