I close my eyes and I see myself

Outside; shinning with a lust of gold

Inside; dying, rothing and getting old

If I could rip off, take all of this off

Make it a brighter day outside in

Hoping to find someone that wants to join in

Darkness has taken my heart

I reject Darkness and now I'm falling apart

The light is in e, to change who I am

Slowly changing to who I want to be

Luckily I'm not some cheap wannabe

I'm me, in the wrong moment, and time

Shapping my being into a better being

No one gets who I want to be

Free, happy, loved, and useful

Not some lonely, sad fool

It have taken me time to know who I am

Stopping this charade is all I can do

Not beeing me feels like a voodoo

But I'm proud of not being a doll

It causes more pain than a troll

My story is changing, so am I

Not sad, but happy, that's how I am

What can I say I'm not the same


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