Thu, 01/23/2014 - 21:54 -- kkindt-


Is this the new beginning
Or has death finally come
This waste land with 
Splashes of white flakes
Shale the land forever be barren

Nothing left
Lush green grass
Turns to cold bare land
Covered hidden
Underneath the white flakes

Our eyes forget to see
The few trees left
Are dying and rotting
The ground is quick sand
Pulling us, degrading us

We search for new
And find what's hidden
In plain sight
An opening covered
By vines and rot

Could this have once
Been a peaceful place
There is clear water
That goes drip drip drip
Mixed oranges and blues

There are no more trees
Stream without life
A single cut down stump
A bird's caw caw caw
In the distance, but not here

Have we forgotten 
Beauty, and braced thorns
Have we forgotten life
Chasing away everything
Leaving a barren wasteland

But a path you follow
To green leaves
And ripe red berries
There may be hope
If we could only see

There are green sprouts
Popping up all around
Reaching to the sky
There may be hope
If we could only see

The frigid breeze
Against my face
Is nothing to what this place
Has felt and rode
During the passage of time

Have we forgotten 
Life and Beauty
That hides in the wasteland
There may still be hope
For if we could only see


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