The Image of Beauty


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The Image of Beauty


What is beauty?

Is it shaped, colored, living, a symbol, an image?

Can it be found in nature?

the cities that surround us?

do we see it in the description of a personality or an image of someone physically?

When someone thinks of the word beauty, what do you think they see?

A beautiful women with a nice figure or a field of grass and flowers?

Beauty is a defined word, an image that suppresses through our heads.

In the media of society, it is redefined and represented from the body of women. 

But not just any women.

Social Media has taken it's place, to try and show off what beauty has become.

It is know that beauty can only come from women, who are know as models in editied photo shoots.

But why must it only be those types of women, why can't there be something else to define humans as beautiful or anything else.

If only beauty could be defined as anything, no specific look or figure. 

Everything on this Earth is beautiful already, and those who support the small waist defining it as beauty should realise that beauty should be anything someone desires to be beautiful.

No matter what!

Beauty can be a black or yellow rose, a short pony, a lady who has curvy or a non-curvy figure, weird or mature personalities.

That is the thing I wish people could change, about the definition of beauty in todays society and accept each other.


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