Sun, 04/06/2014 - 23:28 -- Adiba

Do you ever wonder what it's like to not eat for a whole day?

Do you understand what you are doing when you throw your food away?

Do you know that there are millions in the world that can't even get a sip of clean water, while you complain about how "disgusting" your school lunch looks?


No. Thankful is what you should be,

A poor young boy picks up a jalebi he finds on the floor of a polluted third world country,

Does he eat it?


He wraps up it with a poster he found on the wall, practically drooling with hunger,

Does he still eat it?


He runs a few miles into the village side and eagerly enters a tin hut,

He unwraps the jalebi,

Will he eat it?

But wait, there's a little girl, playing inside with her handmade doll,

He takes the heavenly sweet and feeds his baby sister,

She claps in joy, as tears roll down his face,

She has finally eaten for the day,

She looks up at her hero and wipes his tears,

Leaving a piece for him to savor.








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