He came to camp

Was different

A bit more sensitive than the rest

Not his fault

He is not guilty of something wrong for that

He was amazing


He stuck by my side 

I held his hand

He always saved a seat for me

Right beside him at the table

He would talk to me about anything

He would come to me if something was wrong

He trusted me


At camp for a week, then gone

Found out later

He was living in a homeless shelter

Him and his mom moved a lot

From shelter to shelter

I broke on the inside

The outside a little bit too


I want something better for him

I would change his circumstances

So Im not going for world peace or love

Deal with it


To rid the world of homelessness

Of pain

Of darkness

An impossiblity


But if I could start somewhere

It would be with Steven


I would be there for him 


I would protect him

Care for him

Provide for him

Love him

Be the big brother he does not have


This is not too lofty a goal

In my biased opinion.


Steven changed me that week

He gave me a face to the pain 

He was the one screaming

At from the nightmares of the real world

I wanted to be the one to run in

Wake him up from the terrible dream

Hold him and tell him

Everything will be okay

I cant do that

This is what I would change...


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