Change yourself Save the world

Mon, 03/03/2014 - 11:15 -- Athina


Compared to this world I am young

But I am as powerful as any President

I would change the world to be better place

Do away with all of the pollution

How else are our grandchildren going to know what a polar bear is

People seem to forget that we only have one world to live on

And I can’t be the only one done with the way we have treated it thus far

Dire consequences for messing up the beauty on Earth is a fine

Except those people make enough that $50,000 is nothing big

Because even though our world is dying and the only green left is money

Some people care more about that

Generally the rule seems to be if you don’t talk about it it’s not a problem

Well the Earth is becoming worse with each passing year

But I don’t see anyone preaching for its well doing

All I want is for every person to care just a little bit more

Maybe then the Earth will be saved because someone decided to care


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