Rumi, Michael, and my homeboy Gandhi

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 23:06 -- maisune

Today we’ve come from lands so far away

From the hills by Dos Lagos

To the Norco trails


From the windows of Eddleman

To the West End Quad

We’ve travelled so darn far

But they keep telling us we’ve seen nothing at all


Everytime we jump on a ship

We think we’ve got it

They go

You’ve seen nothing….yet.

You’re just a senior.


But wait a moment

And you will see

The potential we’ll reach

My class of 2014


Universities, we’re going

Careers, devoting

I sound like Dr. Seuss, don’t I?

I know it’s annoying


But not too long ago

I heard this thing…something about being “smart.”

Something about being “keen.”


I was walking along, the IT building

Passing the Corral when I met a man named Rumi


He looked kind of smart

But he didn’t know it yet.

He shared with me his deepest thoughts

And told me to tell my fellow seniors


Rumi said

“Yesterday, I was clever so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”


It’s a thing, this idea.

It trends on Twitter.

My other bestie Michael tweeted,

I’m starting with the man in the mirror.


The reflective outlooks don’t stop even if they could

My homeboy Gandhi responded

 “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”


#d14monds #stayc14ssy Class of 2014

Remember what I said at the Talent Show?


“You walk in stride,

When it comes to learning, you’re so keen.”


College rejections?

Freshman inception?

Dr. Seuss, go away

I’m trying to make a difference


Because when people throw away food,

I remember the kids starving in Africa

But I don’t like mushrooms

I’m just as hypocritical


So I joined Showcase today

To do what I always do

Talk, talk, talk a lot

And hope you might listen too


Before we go off

Into this real world they tell scary stories about

Remember where you came from

Timberwolves, without a doubt


Even if you walk 500 miles,

You’re bulletproof, nothing to lose.


We’re not going to live for the applause.

We’ll be too busy counting stars.


In college, kids will be distracted.

when they have to stop and take a selfie


You’ll be too busy being announced,

Knowing who’s on your team.


The potential you can reach,

is at the t-t-top of the world.


That’s what the fox told me,

Once he got his head in the game.


Just just hold on hold on,

I’m going home.



It’s gonna be the best day of my life.


But not because we’re done here,

But because it’s the start of the something new



It’s almost over

And you haven’t done this?


You haven’t smiled for an entire week?

Donated a dollar to a random person on the street?

Fought but for something you love?

Spoke up on your own behalf, instead of letting others talk?


Such small acts, it might not make sense

Because I am talking about the world

But you’re just not paying attention



So start right here.

67 real days left.

Do something before I shed a tear.


If you don’t do this

It might be a little late


Feel the pressure for what I am about to say


It might be a little late

To make small changes in the world


Guess you’ll have to compensate

Guess you have to make big changes in the world


And since we’re JFK Seniors, that’s expected anyway

Just stop worrying about college acceptances and body image

We’re too close to perfect


67 real days left.

You know in the end, it’s going to work out.


From Harvard to Cal Sate San Bernardino

The world is going to know

That JFK let the timberwolves out


I joined here today

To talk talk talk a lot

And hopefully you listened

Hopefully I triggered a thought


Remember Rumi, Michael, and my homeboy Gandhi

Before you start pointing fingers at another somebody


From the windows of Eddleman

To the west End Quad we’ve walked

Doesn’t matter if you’ve been here 3 years or not


I expect to see your names flashing on TV

And that we unite in some afterlife or heaven or something

And that I hear of all the people you made smile

And that it’s all because you stayed at JFK for a little while.


Diamonds, Stay Classy, not trashy

Please stand up my Class of 2014

Grab your invisible caps

And toss

Because today is the day you’ve really graduated

Today is the day you’re going to be the change in the world you really want to see.



All song reference are property of their respectful owners.

Photography and wording of poem is mine.

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