Too Young to Grow Up


Oh what I would give

For my little cousins to never grow up

If I could change just one thing

I would keep them young forever


Kirsten would continue to wear bows in her hair

Erica would never stop giggling in her hands

Alexis would always jump on her trampoline at every opportunity she got

Because acting ‘mature’ was never an idea that crossed her mind


We live in a world where kids are rushed out of childhood and ushered into adulthood

Where skipping down the sidewalk would get stares

‘What’s wrong with her?’ they would wonder

And she would go home to a mother who tells her that it’s time to start acting like a big kid


Guess what Mama?

Being grown ain’t all that fun

My friends have traded their bows for boys

And rather than laughing they spend their time over thinking and under thinking until they drive themselves to insanity


Dear Mommys and Daddys of the world

Let your children keep their innocence for as long as they can

Because once you grow up

There’s no going back


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