Casting Stones


Whatever happened to the evaluation of our own sins

before casting stones at others?

Have we all forgotten that lesson?

Some people would rather take their own life

than show the world who they are.

We live in an age where it's possible to tease and bully someone

until they decide that death is the less cruel option.

Our society breaks people.

Breaks spirits.

We strive for the most unattainable ideals.

Perfection is expected of us.

In body and mind.

But even our idols cannot reach this.

We are harshly labeled with stereotypes

like badges we must pin to our chest

to indicate our unworthiness.

Hate binds our ankles.

We are unable to escape to a pure place.

Forever slaves to our society.


We need to break free.


Break our binds and embrace our fellow man.

Instead of instilling that one lifestyle is correct for everyone

Let us celebrate diversity.

If you hold different beliefs than your neighbor

Love him anyway.

Each human life should be equal

and of the same worth.

Money, power, beauty and perfection

does not make a person worthy of anything extra.

Look no longer at a person and judge

by appearance, by stereotypes

but by the kindness in their heart.

Toss the stones of hate aside

and cast acceptance instead.





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