Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:10 -- Yuko

I'm so cold.

The man on the news said that the number of murders nationwide have risen 20%.

I can't find my mittens.

The veteran crossing my vision held his dirty rough hand out as he hobbled to the next car.

I can't find my hat.

The red liquid that painted the black and gray floor held up traffic as they took up the mangled pieces of handlebars and car rims.

I found my jacket.

The wrinkled 20 dollars jumped from my pocket scrounging my nose.

I pick it up.

I clutched it for warmth.

The man in front of the kmart shivered as he curled his face into folded arms.

I froze.

"Where is your jacket?" my mother piped, brows knitted in worry.

"I don't own it anymore."

"Where is the money I gave you?" her hands clutching together

"I gave it away"


"Because I wish the world was warmer."


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