What I would Change if I were you? What would I do?

What would I change if I were you?

Or you?


What would I do?

I would look around and see

that the pain you bring to others,

is the same pain you inflict onto yourself...

That's what I would do...


Those scars, 

Those bruises,

reminders of what they had done...

those figures from the past... your tormentors who long have passed. 

And now


daughter, her lover,

son, his lover,

brother, sister, father, mother,

a stranger....

All are perpetrators.

All are nameless, faceless, bodies...

Objects of your mindless hatred.  


If I were you,

I would look around and see,

that the world was meant to be GOOD.

I would look and see that all the BAD, the EVIL came from 

a place of desperation, desolation, misunderstanding...

No one was born,

with a purpose to inflict...  

No one was born,

with a purpose to be hurt...  

No one was born,

with a purpose to feel inequality and predjudice...


We were all meant to love,

be loved,

bring happiness, joy, and GOOD 

to the world.


We were meant to walk the earth on equal footing,

to reap what we sow, and only what we sow...

no more, no less,

to live.  


If I were you,

I would see that it is 

Everyone's right....

To Live.



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