Lo! And Behold! We Have The Will To Triumph!


Lo! And Behold! We Have The Will To Triumph!


On the mouths and heads of demons,

Are the thousand names of damnation.


They are:


Death, war, lust, greed,

Hate, rage, pain, fear.


Oh, we mankind, mortal things—against immortal foes,

What is there left in the endless night?


Certainly not the pleading weeps of a dying child,

The choking gasps of the daughters of rape,

The maddened roar of the drug addict riled,

The comatose man with no escape--

The sundered lives of the scions of war,

The whispered tears of an all consuming hate.


The beast draws ever closer, and proclaims,

Ye, who look upon I, know despair! For I am the end, the omega and the only!

Beat ye trembling heart, know and scream the name of me!


Mocking laughter fills the air!

Fractured pieces of broken dreams –

Whip and scour and slash and scar,

Infernal fractals rip and char!


Despair shrieks all around me,

And my world is awash with blood,

I gasp and I choke on its essence,

I slip and I fall upon the splattered floor.


I weep, I groan, I tear at my head,




I realize something.


The swirling fractals still cuts my hand

But I can still shape the world with them

I had been pulling on my hair before—

Can I not instead reach out and do something?


I slowly rise

My legs as lead

I slowly stand

My gait is bent


I close my eyes

And I breathe


There is no light

No sudden moment of realization

I was still down,

Still beaten and bloodied.






And, against all reason, against all rationale, I







How? The beast cries, how, can such a thing be possible?


And I reply, with a simple call,




Humans are not rational creatures.

We are not meant to inherit the earth.

We are but hairless apes on an uncaring world,



No divine destiny,




A mere touch, and we are dead—

But are we?


Remember, remember,

The dream of long ago—

You have heard of Martin Luther,



And Teddy.


Each of them are dead.


But something lives on.


Can you kill that?




For life has done so much in so little time

And sometimes amidst the carnage,

There is a young, tender flower.


And so seize onto this maddened thing,

This impossible dream,

This endless word,


Known as hope.


What has risen may fall,

What has fallen may rise,

What once was may be again,


As long as you believe,

And hope.


So, this would be my gift to the world—

Do not shy the endless fight,

For endeavor is its own reward.

We never know where the road will end,

But hope will get us walking.


I wish for all peoples on the Earth to have hope.


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