Our poor world is hungry,

Hungry for peace the doesn't come, hungry for love that can't be won,

Hungry for justice for the weak, the oppressed, the lowly, the meek.

Hungry for more wealth, looks and all that's vain, hungry for the need to have a good name,

Hungry are the people that live in our streets, the ones we pass by, the ones who don't eat.

Hungry are the kids who don't have a father, hungry for love from those who don't bother.

Hungry is our generation for a change, The hunger would be satisfied if I had a say.

The world would no longer hunger for peace, people would unite and the wars would cease.

No one would exist who is hungry for love, love would wrap around them like the wings of a dove,

Justice would be grasped by the weak and lowly, the oppressed would be free and never be lonely,

No longer would people being starving for wealth, now seen is what matters, love and good health.

The people in our streets would be fed, they would be under a nice roof and have their own bed.

There would be no kids starving for a love, they would find it at home in their parents warm hugs.

If I could change the world today. No one would be hunger, for this I long and I pray.




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