Change the World


What would you change?

Such a simple question

People wanna talk

But they don't wanna hear the lesson

They say they will be there for you

But their mouth is always running

Whenever you try to speak

They always interrupt you with something

You see the world needs listeners

Those filled with compassion

Where are the activists?

We gotta start taking action

People being opressed for being themselves

Being judged at the steeple

Secluding anyone "different"

But weren't we built on "We the people?"

If I could change one thing in the world

I would change how we treat others

I'm tired of people being rude

and disrespecting their mothers

I would shout to the girls looking in a mirror

That appearance isn't everything

Let them know they have a purpose here

One day they will be treated like a queen

I'm tired of feeling the hurt

caused by all of the greed

I'm tired of people stealing

From the one's truely in need

If I could change the world

I'd start with myself

Because if I can't be a positive impact

How can I expect anyone else?



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