Too Blind to See


United States
40° 40' 19.9668" N, 73° 56' 20.1156" W

The Beauty inside

Doesn't want to hide

Let it out

Set it free

Why is everyone so blind to see

What she is 

And who is she

Why is everyone so blind to see

She is not who she appears to be

Why is everyone so blind to see

She's not an angel

She's not a saint

Yet you worship her like she has God like traits

Why do you see 

Because on the outside she has beauty?

Why does society

Look down upon the girl

Who does not meet 

What society wants to see?

Yet she is an angel

She is a saint

But because society rejected her

She ends her life and rests in God's estate

Oh how I wish I could have changed her fate

Saved her life

And ended hate

But we all know that it will never be

All because the world is too blind to see



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