Changing our right to freedom


America independent and strong

It to Mars a great leader

and wise

It to Winter cold and brutal

but as soft as snow


Sweet in taste like the Gods

but no better than Man to ask of

something It may need

For though It may not follow the phrase

“Nor a borrower or a lender be”

As well as an ally like Polonius to Claudius

It is to those to whom it gives to and gets from

It to King George the 3rd

limiting the followers of their words

It to jail

It to the law

It to the Declaration of Independence

all limit those who follow by It’s rules


Like ape to mankind

It following in the footsteps of Japan waiting

for the competition to come out with something then

copy it and try and make it better and cheaper

but It must wait and follow rather than lead


Yet It is

Brilliant,Binding,and Bold

not willing to let go when It knows

that you're weak and in need of Its help

Silently dangerous not knowing

if you’ll be next or if It has already got you

This is our America!


We must change

We must better

We must speak


united as a nation!!!

Fuck government

We must fight for our independence

The right to be individuals without restriction

This is our fight!!



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