What Would I Change: The Answer Is Above

Tue, 04/01/2014 - 21:09 -- Mads333

What Would I Change

If I had just one day 

To make things my way


What would I Change

That would make an impact

And make someone stand up and act


What Would I Change 

There is so many things to name

To kindle an internal flame 


I Would Change 

The hunger in Thailand

The oppresses in Japan


I Would Change

The tension in Israel 

And the French miserable 


I Would Change

The rising debt

And the entitlement to get


I Would Change 

The gluttony in America

And worry about African malaria


I Would Change

The lies and deceits 

The drunkards and the cheats


I Would Change 

The lazy and uncaring

The existential and despairing 


I Would Change 

The people that search for purpose

In a place that is a carcass 


What Would I Change

there you have it

I hope this helped you understand a bit


What Would I Change

It is written above

In hope that we would respond with love


What Would I Change

Is pulling on my heartstring

Willing me to look to the King


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