Racism is Still Alive


Let's go way back to ancient times.

The past unraveled just take a look.

What you seek can surely be found

within the pages of a history book.

Martin Luther King has known

exactly what it was he sought

As well as our brave Rosa Parks.

For racial equality she fought.

Slavery was thought of as nothing, then.

In a shack, they were forced to stay.

Until an important man comes about.

Arabraham Lincoln saves the day!

For years, they lived on white's plantation.

And fought against discrimination.

Honest Abe helped free the nation.

Emancipation Proclamation!

None of these movements could stop it all.

Racial slurs still spread around.

It is like the past since no one cares!

No help for this issue can be found!

The n word is popular in schools.

It is often spread around the halls.

Jokes are made without a thought.

No one is there to stop this all!

This world needs change!  And even more!

Who will be the next Abe Lincoln?

Anyone can step up to the task!

Save the world!  Keep people thinking!



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