The Cry


Morphing from sky hue to minty green blue

Stretching beyond the horizon of one’s eye

With this great bundle of water there is no clue

Why? Well by being polluted and mistreated one oversees its cry


Indeed, overseeing this is not any different than a menu

Penetrated with fatty acid and hemoglobin composed for a succulent flesh

That once had a heart and feelings too

Yet, were terminated to be placed between seed buns to be compressed


Ripped and shredded by white yellow rocks filled with goo

Juggled by the rocks from left to right

Still not see the cry? Well imagine it is you

Raised only taste great and have a murder “good” night


End any animal consumption for they are our brethren like me and you.



I did this poem for my beloved animals I have and hope others enjoy what I wish to change in this world. 

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